Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Word For Women

"Her children arise and call her blessed." Proverbs 31:28
Word for Women
Today is Mother's Day in America. I honestly have no idea who made up this "holiday". While, I don't think it's a terrible idea, I do think we should appreciate mothers more than one day a year. 
I want to write to every female, not just mothers today.
I was 23 when I became a mother. It was not the time my oldest son was born. It was the time I had two miscarriages in one year. As women, when we first find out we are pregnant, a love for the baby growing inside us begins right away. That loss is hard to deal with, but you can over come the pain. I did.
There are many women in this world who have miscarried like I did. You are still a mom.
I have friends who have had children pass away... older children. You are still a mom.
I have friends who haven't been able to get pregnant at all, their longing for a child, still makes them a mom.
If you've ever given a baby up for adoption. You are still a mom.
If you have never given birth, but have adopted children... You are still a mom.
If you have step children, nieces, nephews, friend's children or church children you mentor...You are still a mom.
Being a nurturing, loving woman to children is a gift from God. You do not have to physically give birth to be a mom.
The desire to have children or adopt children is a gift from God too. Women aren't born to naturally want children. I have friends who do not have any children, and I know a few who say they never want them. That's ok.
There are things that God has given to women that men don't have. 
As a single mom now for three years, I have been having some issues with my middle son. Thankfully, they are minor compared to what they could be, but never the less, he needs instruction and help making wise choices. It is NOT easy being both dad and mom. God did not design us to be both. That's why He designed families. My children
Please be sensitive today. There are some people who have lost their mom. I know two men who lost their moms within this past year. It makes you sad to not have your mom in your life.
Pray for people and women all over the world. It's a great day to do it!
God bless you today and always.

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