Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Little Encouragement Goes A Long Way

"Therefore encourage each other and lift each other up, just as you have been doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11
EncouragementI love this Scripture, because Paul is encouraging the church at Thessalonica to keep lifting each other up. 
Yesterday was one of the scariest yet most rewarding days of my life. I get paid every two weeks from work, so I tithed online, 10% like I promised I would.
Man... talk about a leap of faith! 
Can I just tell you how God showed up and showed out ALL day long?
He encouraged me through friends and family, Scripture, prophetic words, and He even used Pinterest! I kid you not!
My friend that helped me set up my budget last year told me to put my hands on my budget and tell God it's His. I did. I felt a little release... like, "Here you go, God. It's all Your's."
I got an email from Pinterest that was showing me faith pins I might be interested in.. let me share a couple with you:
Cast anxietyDon't fearIt's Going to be OK
How could I NOT hear God speak to me through these?
Well, I get to church and forgot that our regular teacher wouldn't be there. Our Pastor taught us and guess what He talked about? Hearing from God. Which I had been experiencing all day. We did this thing that he has done several times before with other people... it's called "Stick it to them." You pray and ask God to tell you something to encourage this person and then you write it on a sticky note and stick it to them.
I want to keep these sticky notes forever. They feel like gold. 
"God's love is shown through your laughter! Your friendship is the key to God's heart."
"Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life."
"Continue with your writing it is reaching more people than you think."
"Shepherd, Leader, Teacher, Compassion"
"Giving person you will be blessed."
WOW GOD!!!!!!!
A little encouragement goes a long doesn't matter who it's from. I tend to think that it's all from God, actually, especially if He told someone to say something to you. Ya know?
Encouragement might not be your strongest Spiritual Gift. That's ok. You can still ask God who He would like for you to encourage today and then obey and do whatever He tells you. You never know how much that person needs to hear whatever it is you have to say.
Just in case you are worried about it.. here are 3 filters Josh said you can use to be sure what you are going to say is from God.
  1. Is it Scriptural? He will never tell you to do something that is contrary to His Word.
  2. Does it line up with God's character? Would Jesus Himself be doing this?
  3. What do the people you trust the most say? Never be afraid to tell people what God is saying to you. Wise counsel is important. (Proverbs 15:22)
It is my prayer that something I write makes a difference. I know that I am using these gifts of writing and encouragement because He has guided me to. I love it! I absolutely love writing what inspires me in hopes that it inspires you too.
Oh, and to top off the night.. I got a letter from a lady at church. She bought my book last Wednesday night and has already passed Day 29. (Seems like several people have bought it and read faster than one day at a time. LOL) Day 29 of my book challenges you to write a thank you note to someone. She picked me. What a blessing! Hearing how my book was touching her life brought me to tears. Yet again, I was encouraged in what I'm doing.
God is good! I mean, seriously. He's so good!
God bless you today and always.

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