Monday, August 3, 2015

When Storms in Life Come

Yesterday, my Pastor talked about anxiety and stress, how that's just a normal part of our lives. However, how we handle it is what matters.

As a Christ followers, we have Jesus. In Mark 4: 35-41, Jesus and the disciples were in a boat. A storm came up. Jesus was asleep. These men were freaking out. One thing my Pastor pointed out had never come to mind until he said it. Most of these guys were fishermen before they started following Jesus. They should have known how to handle a storm. They had skill and experience in that sort of thing.

However, maybe the point was, even with their skill and experience, God wanted them to trust Him... That's huge.
Clouds at my work a couple of weeks ago.

Take a minute and really think about it: It's a storm, they've been fishing for years, they should know how to deal with it..but it was a HUGE storm. They were afraid. They did not realize who was asleep on their boat until He woke up and told the wind and waves to be still.

Last week was a roller coaster ride in my life.

The unexpected accident of my son caused a huge storm to come up out of no where. Especially given that at first we thought we were just going to pick him up and bring him home. Every phone call I got made matters worse. When the actual doctor called and said, "This isn't just a concussion. He has a skull fracture that's bleeding. We don't have neurosurgeon here if he needs surgery. I'm about to put him in an ambulance and send him to Egleston." I was totally upset!

I am in a truck, on my way. There is NOTHING I can do but pray for God to be with my son.

Honestly, our children's Pastor told our Youth Pastors that when he called, I sounded calm and at peace. I was ok until the end of our conversation when he said he loved me. Truth be known I was scared to death. I hated that my son was about to take his first ambulance ride and I wasn't there to be with him. 

God was with him though. And God was with me. Just like He's with you.

Whatever storm you are going through right now... it won't last forever. I promise.

If you trust God and allow Him to speak to your storm, He will. Even if it doesn't stop right away, let Him speak to your heart. He will give you peace. As matter of fact, He already has given you peace. Tap into it. 

My Pastor said, "Trusting God doesn't always mean you will have smooth sailing."

He's got that right!

But trusting God means He's always there to help you through anything!

How can I pray for you today? Do you need peace or strength during a storm? I am happy to pray.

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