Sunday, August 2, 2015

What has you snagged?

Last night, one of my dogs woke me up to go out. I quickly sat on the love seat and leaned over a blanket that is there. I usually half way fall asleep while they are outside.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain.

I had a hang nail and it snagged on that blanket.

God is at it again and speaking to me through every day life events....because a thought came to my mind immediately.

Why is it that something so small can hurt so much?

It's the location. 

Things in our past can snag us if we let it. They might not be "small" at all. It's the location of those things... because it happened to our heart.

Sometimes we allow our past to ruin our future.

I will give you an example of how I'm not allowing a hurt to ruin my life.

I was married for 19 years. It wasn't perfect. But at one point I did love him. He left me over two years ago. I was a stay at home mom to our three children.

I could have allowed that to kill my self esteem. I could have allowed that to make me hate him. I could be a bitter woman who hates the sight of him.

BUT I choose NOT to let that life event snag me. I am not back there reliving what happened... because if I was, my future would be hurt.

Some people get snagged on past life events. Yes, it hurt. Yes, I struggled with a million different emotions, but I came out better off in the end.

I spent a lot of time with my ex husband this past week while dealing with our son's injuries. If nothing else, I have shown that man Jesus through my actions. If I was bitter and holding a grudge, he would never see what being the hands of feet of Jesus is really like. 

He is remarried. And Lord knows, I don't want him back. So it's nothing weird like that. It's the mere fact that people who don't go to church, or don't live for God, and who are just living life... those are the people we need to be Jesus to.

So what has you snagged? It doesn't have to be what I went through. Maybe your dad left when you were a child. Maybe you lost a job that you loved a long time ago. Maybe you had a miscarriage years ago but it's still fresh in your heart. 

What in your past is holding you up? It's caught you and got you not moving forward.


That's the only way to get rid of a hang nail. Get the clippers and cut it off.

You were meant for so much more. God wants to turn your hurt around for your good, but you haven't let Him because it's still got you snagged.

If you need prayer to cut it off, ask me. I will pray for you.

It's time to move forward into what God has planned for your life. It's way better than what happened that hurt you. I promise!!

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