Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How To Be Successful At Life, In 1 Easy Step

What I am going to say might not be easy for some, others it is. There are different reasons behind why it's easy for some people and difficult for others too. I fully understand that.

The key to being successful at life, in my humble opinion, is by trusting God.

Trust is a delicate thing. It's easily broken but hard to earn.

Some people find it very difficult to trust someone they can not see.

I understand that. 

The way God works seems backwards. Like, you have to go through something, then look back and realize, "Oh, He was there the entire time."

We think God breaks trust, at times, but He does not. He is not like humans.

Let's say you prayed for something specific to happen in your life... hmm.. I job for example. The job was perfect for you. Money, business, your skills and talents would be used. You REALLY wanted that job, you prayed about, asked friends and family to pray about it, but in the end, they didn't hire you.

There are those who's first thought about be that God let them down. He did not answer their prayer.The truth this, there could be an even better job for you and He knew about it. That job didn't work out, but the better one will.

What happens is, we rely on ourselves and NOT God.

In my AHA 40 day Challenge book a couple of days ago on day 12, the title is "In Plain Sight" and the Scripture reference is "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

Here is what stood out to me:
"Have you had moments like this? Moments you realized something you never have before?Moments when you realized the truth and tasted freedom?

You realize you've been trying to live out the Christian life from your own power and strength rather than out of the power of the Holy Spirit.

You realize you weren't actually following Jesus; you were just following a list of rules and rituals.

You realize the reason your struggle with food is that you are trying to satisfy your soul by filling your stomach.

You realize you've put incredible pressure on your romantic relationship, because you've been looking to your significant other to do for you what only God can do for you.

You realize you are stressed out about money, because you're putting your trust in money instead of in God.

You realize you've spent so much of your life wrestling with guilt and shame, because you thought being good enough would save you, instead of relying on the grace of God to save you.

The truth has always been true, but for some reason you just didn't see it before."

Putting ALL of our life in God's hands is how we can be successful. He has a plan for our life. It's a plan to prosper us, not harm us. God wants you to succeed! He wants you to live in joy and peace. 

WE are the ones that let other things take HIS place in our hearts and lives.

Let's stop doing that. 

If you know the story, there is a boy in the Bible who's dad wants him healed. (Mark 9: 23-25 or so). Jesus tells the dad, "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes." The dad then says, "Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!"

Pray that prayer to God too, if you need help for your unbelief. He will help you. I promise.

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