Friday, July 3, 2015

Will You Leap?

What are you passions and gifts in life?

Usually, from what I have learned, whatever makes you happy or sad can actually be your passion.

God wired us all differently. I have friends who are passionate about pro-life things, one who works with a ministry that is fighting pornography issues on the front lines, others who want to help YOU find your passions and gifts. We all have something if we look deep enough.

My friend David Dollar loves Disney. All things Disney. He has turned his passion into a business. How cool is that?

He spoke at Launch Out and it felt like he was talking to me.
David & Donald at Disney

We have passions and things we want to do, but we make up excuses.

"We don't have a support system, we don't have time, we don't have money to make it work.." the list goes on and on.

The money one hit home with me. I am pretty sure I can
e-publish a book for free, but it NEEDS editing. That costs money. So I just sit around doing nothing.

David stood on the edge of the stage and said, "Your passion and dream is out there. You can see it..but you just stand there. You are out of excuses, leap or step off."

Leaping and stepping off the edge is hard. It's scary. David said, you might fall. But that's ok, get back up and try again.

Fear of the unknown is another reason why I haven't forged full throttle into my book. What if no one buys it? I will have done all of that work for nothing. But, that's silly of me to think. If no one else, I KNOW in my heart, my friends will buy it. I am not doing it for the money anyway. I'm doing it because I have something to share with people.

I went to Disney for a day in middle school with my chorus. I don't even remember it. I have never been to Universal Studios. My children haven't had a real vacation in a long time. I am going to let David help me plan an awesome fun vacation for us. He's good at what he does.

If you are interested, please contact David through his Facebook page: Disney On a Dollar

What are you passionate about? Will you leap or just sit in your excuses? I'm getting ready to leap and thankful that David is helping me do it. 

I am glad to help you if you need it.

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  1. David Dollar's talk was SO needed and so good! He is helping us plan our trip to Disney this year and his passion is contagious. Great recap!