Thursday, July 2, 2015

Build Something Worth Sinking For!

Kelsey Humphries is an awesome lady who has a great personality, pretty blue eyes, and an internet talk show that's going to be exploding soon! #soon She is the host and producer of her very own traveling talk show called The Pursuit.

Kelsey has interviewed New York Times Best Selling Author Donald Miller for her show, and just yesterday interviewed another New York Times Best Seller, author Michael Hyatt, as well as many other business people, dreamers and builders.

Ways to watch what she does:
an ad for her show: The Pursuit on YouTube 
her site to watch her first season: 
here is a link to her Facebook page: Kelsey's Facebook Page

Kelsey spoke at Launch Out Conference, and shared host duties with Jerrod Murr. They had us laughing so much. They are great fun!

In her talk, she said, "You are here because you have a message. It's about you getting your message out there."

Here are her steps:

1. Make sure you are on the right ship - (Hello! You can't get to the right place on the wrong ship.)

2. Voyages take time - you are going to have to work and build your ship and have a strong stomach

3. Voyages take resources - everything is a resource

4. Voyages take courage - Courage is a muscle so we can make it bigger by working it out. Every time you push yourself out of your comfort zone, it increases, your comfort zone. (Read that again, it makes sense.)

5. Get rid of extra cargo - Focus on one thing at a time.

6. Be willing to sink - OUCH! But she's right. You have to be willing to fail, because if you fear failure, you will never try. "Fear tells you it's a tsunami, when in reality, it's only a ripple."

Libby of LibbyDoodle made this. She's in our groups too. So much talent! Used with permission.

Here is another huge thing to think about... everyone wants to be the captain until the ship is going down.

What are you building?        Do you need help?        How can I help you?

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