Friday, July 10, 2015

Stop Letting "DOING" define you!

Ronne Rock is a sweet lady in our groups. On Thursday night at the Launch Out picnic, I remember someone saying, "Look at Ronne, she just ooses grace." 

I have interacted in the groups with her some, but I didn't know her personally.

After her talk, I will NEVER look at a coffee cup or a penny the same way.

The first thing she said is, "We let "doing" define us!"

That's a heavy and very true statement. We do that, don't we? When someone asks "What do you DO?" We use that to define us. What we do is not who we are at all. We all have a purpose, and she wanted to talk to us about our purpose.

Psalm 139 says we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Ronne brought a really bright striped coffee mug up on stage with her. It had pennies in it. She had a hammer. She talked about how pretty the coffee cup was on the outside. Then, she hit it once. The coffee cup represented her life and how pretty it looked to others, but when things happened to her, it chipped away at the cup and eventually broke it to pieces.

Ronne Rock
I was in tears!

She had volunteers pass a cup of pennies around and she asked us to take one. So I was holding my penny during her talk.

Ronne said "We bank pennies that are bad things that happened to us. Pennies have value when they are redeemed for something more."

Jesus redeems those "pennies". God redeems time! In Joel 2, an army of locusts is talked about. God's response starts in verse 18, but verse 25 says, "I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten."

I feel like locusts have eaten and taken years of my life. To hear that God wants to repay me for it warmed my heart more than I can explain.

Ronne said that the Puritans used to pray with their hands in the air, palms facing the sky to give God their cares. She had us do this with our penny in our hands. Then, during prayer, we turned our hands over to give God those cares... when the pennies hit the floor, you should have heard it! 

God wants our cares and worries. God wants us to spend time with Him and allow Him to work, and move and be in our lives. 

Ronne said, "You have a story that will change others."

I have to agree with her!

What's your story? Who are you telling it to? You can change lives. Step out of your comfort zone and do it. It's worth it! I promise.

Ronne is a writer, and so much more! You can find her at
Her Launch Out talk is here: Ronne Rock's talk take 25 minutes and watch it. You will not be disappointed.

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