Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sooner NOT Later!

Something pretty amazing happened to me yesterday.

I had an hour and 20 minute conversation with a 28 year old amazing woman.

Let me back up a bit.

Shayla is an editor who owns Curiouser Editing.She asked one day who would like a consultation with Catherine, who owns Sooner NOT Later.
This is how I found out I won the consultation with Catherine.

I chimed in. I was interested. Catherine has been traveling alone and marking things off her bucket list. I already admired her for that.

What happened yesterday is nothing short of a miracle. I know she will blush and think it's no big deal, but to me it is.

Who knew that God gifted people with helping others make plans in order for their dreams to come true?

That's exactly what He did with Catherine.

I write almost daily and post here. I have felt led to put blog posts together to make a devotional book... and yet.. there is no book.

Catherine figured out that most of my hang up is mental and she has a way around it. We made an action plan. She said, "Big goals can get overwhelming, so make smaller goals that are easy to meet first. You aren't doing away the big goal, it's still there." 

Then we figured out steps to get the smaller goal done first.

(She was typing on a Google document while I watched. It's amazing the technology we have. She's in New Jersey, I'm in South GA on the phone talking, while I watch her type things on the screen.) 

Anyway, I have the plan in place thanks to her. I will have accountability, which is something I greatly need, and I will see my dream come true.

I love Catherine's thoughts on life. Do it sooner, not later. Don't we miss out on opportunities and blessings sometimes because we wait until later? Why do we do that?

I am humbled and grateful for God to continue blessing me like He does. I know He wants this book done, and He is putting people in my life to make it happen. Because, honestly, I couldn't do it alone. 

I have my best friend Susan cheering me on, my other best friend Barbara who will hold me accountable and has cheered me on. My good friend Karen read my first draft a long time ago before my writing style changed. She's been encouraging me for a long time.

Adam Davis who has written a cool devotional book for police officers (find it here has talked with me on the phone about publishing and finding my audience. Scott Cuzzo who is a talented graphic artist is helping me with the book cover. He has some cool coloring books you should check out My friend Shannon took some great head shots of me to use as an author. 

Even with all of this help... I have just sat here letting fear keep me trapped.


I will be getting this done. My plan is to e-publish first. Then, from those sales, I would love to print publish and have books for people to buy as Christmas gifts. I believe this is an attainable goal.

If you are stuck or have a dream you want to follow through on.. contact Catherine. I highly recommend her. If you happen to be writing a book of some sort, contact Shayla and let her edit for you. I will be using her for my book.

Don't give up on your dreams! They can still come true! Do it SOONER not LATER!

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