Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Walking in Integrity

Let me start off by saying I am FAR from perfect. I sin daily. I have done things since my divorce that are wrong. I admit to my short comings and have repented. I am trying to live life God's way and stop doing life Jill's way. Jill's way gets Jill hurt. I am not a fan of being hurt.

Walking in integrity can prevent that.

Proverbs 10:9 says, "The man of integrity walks securely but he who takes crooked paths will be found out."

When we don't walk in integrity, we not only hurt ourselves, but we hurt others as well.

And, according to this Scripture, no amount of cover up will keep what you've done quiet. The truth always comes out somehow.

Attempting to live life God's way is the best choice.

That way you won't end up the laughing joke of some video that gets uploaded online. (I'm referring to the two grown women fighting at Walmart and everyone just watching and recording the fight.)That way you don't hurt yourself or others. That way He can fully bless you and direct your path.

We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. God knows that and I know that.

When we mess up, if we get defensive about it, that's just two wrongs trying to make a right. It's not going to work.

If you mess up, own up to it. Lying and hiding will only make you look like a fool in the end.

Proverbs 10:14 says, "Wise men store up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool invites ruin."

God has a plan and a purpose for our lives. Yes, we get off that plan and do things our way.

The good news is, He can get us back on His plan, if we let Him. God is not a God who will force Himself on us. He will not MAKE us do anything. But He will straighten out our mess if we let Him.

Nothing you can do will make God love you any less. As well as, nothing you can do will make God love you any more.

I want to tell you the story of this picture... Every Sunday night, a church here in town does what they call SEWN, Sunday Evening with Our Neighbors. They provide a meal, music, and a message for the homeless or low income people in the downtown Albany area. Once a quarter, my church does it.

This past Sunday was our turn. My friend asked if I could come early to help cook. I went. I have never cooked before, I've only helped serve the meal. After the meal, during clean up, this sweet little girl was passing out index cards. She had written and drawn on them all. This was my card.

She's homeless or low income, and yet, at the young age of 7 or so, she gets it. This is what walking in integrity looks like. It's trusting God and not trying to live life YOUR way.

Want you give your life to Him? Let Him direct your path. It's worth it.


  1. What another great point! This is not my direction, I am supposed to follow instead of running out ahead.

  2. Thank you Janeen! I am preaching to myself with most of my posts! It's a process.