Sunday, June 7, 2015

Love sees NO color!

I think I have written something similar before and referenced my Zumba good friends, Barbara and Reggie.

This morning at church, something happened, and I need to write about it.

Mrs. Flo is married to Mr. Ernest. They are a black couple probably in their 70's. They are deacons and elders at my church. He is a war Veteran. He has an awesome voice.. I actually think it's due to surgery because I have seen a scar on his neck. Whatever caused it, I enjoy listening to him talk. Mrs. Flo is our resident "AMEN" lady during service.

Mrs. Ju-Ju and her husband are an older white couple. I think they are in their 80's. I over heard her tell my best friend this morning that one of their children turned 60 years old.

As my best friend and I were just chatting before service, I turned and saw Mrs. Flo walking hand in hand I mean CLASPED together hands with Mrs. Ju-Ju's husband. She said, "Y'all see my new husband?" LOL 

I told my best friend... what a great picture of Christ's love!

Just a few minutes after that I saw Mrs. Ju-Ju talking to a beautiful black young woman with long braids. They hugged. And again, I thought, "Wow. God's love knows no color."

During the first worship song, that girl went up to Ju-Ju's row and asked to sit with her. They moved down to make room. 

God loves our hearts. I don't think He sees our skin color. I don't even think He sees the mess we have made of ourselves. 

Why do we continue to let skin color, financial status, and other issues keep us from loving people?

So what if they don't look like you!

So what if they are attracted to the same gender as they are!

So what if they don't make as much money as you!

GOD's love is unconditional. None of those things matter to Him. 

So why do they matter to us?

Just thought I would throw that out there!

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