Monday, June 1, 2015

Let Your Past GO!

Our children's pastor, Jason Townsend spoke yesterday at church. 

It was an awesome message!

He talked about the woman at the well. How Jesus told her everything she had ever done, but yet, He did not shame her. If He had of, she wouldn't have gone back to the village and told everyone.

We get so caught up in our past that we think God can't use us.

That's so wrong.

Jason said, "Jesus will never consult your past when planning your future."

Read that again.

If Jesus isn't consulting your past, then neither should you!

Oh, and failures... yeah, He's not consulting those either.

Remember this too.. failure is an event. NOT a person!

We all have a past.

Live and learn.

Move on.

Stop beating yourself up over something you can't do anything about. 

We don't have a time machine to go backwards and fix our mistakes.

Hey, and don't listen to the enemy's lies of how you "can't" do something. Yeah, he just want stop you, because in reality you CAN do it!

Scripture says "I can't do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength." 

ALL things!

What are you holding on to from your past?

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