Wednesday, May 6, 2015

What Kind of Friends Do You Have?

My Pastor is still on the "Running on Empty" series. This past Sunday was really good.

Who are the people who speak into your life and how did they get there?

In 1 Kings 19: 1-4, Elijah had just killed these false prophet dudes. After that, Jezebel was angry and sent a messenger to tell him that she was going to kill him. So, he ran. His first mistake was leaving his friends and going alone. He told God he had had enough. He wanted God to just take him out. After ministering to him, God told him to go find Elisha. Because he needed someone to speak into his life.

We need to listen to God, FIRST.

And we need Godly friends to walk with us through life.

These friends should Listen, Be Loyal, and Love you.

In order to be the right kind of friend, you MUST preserve confidence, be honest, avoid public criticism and always seek to advance them. 

Do the people you let speak into your life do this for you? 
Do you do this for others?

God did not create us to live life alone.

He made us for relationship and community. 

If someone is hurting, using you, or treating you bad, it's OK to put up boundaries. You have to, in order to protect yourself.

I can tell you one thing. God has blessed my socks off with great Christian friends. I am loved, prayed for, told the truth to, and encouraged.

If you don't have those type of friends, start praying for them. God will bring them into your life because they help. He wants us to have great people to go through life with.

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