Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How Spiritually Fit Are You?

At my work, Pastor Butch is doing a series on being "Cross Fit". Yes, it's a play on the exercise stuff. He wants to help people with their relationship with God.

This past Sunday, he printed these questions in the worship guide:

Spiritual Fitness Assessment

How fit are you spiritually? Are you indeed Cross Fit? I encourage you to answer the following questions truthfully as a means to evaluate better your level of spiritual fitness. The assessment is not exhaustive or complete.

1.            Do you have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ?

2.            Does your lifestyle reveal your relationship with Jesus Christ?

3.            Do you spend time alone with God daily? If yes, how much? If not, why?

4.            How often do you read the Bible and for what purpose?

5.            Have you ever fasted to discern God’s will in a matter?

6.            Do you allow the Holy Spirit to lead and influence your decisions?

7.            What are your spiritual gifts and how are you using them?

8.            Are you more spiritually-fatigued or spiritually-fruitful?

9.            When you are wronged, do you tend to hold grudges or forgive?

10.          Do you intentionally share the Gospel with others?

Take a few minutes and honestly answer these questions.  If you don't have a relationship with God, that's your number 1 priority right there! God sent His Son to die on the cross for the sins of all mankind. Once and for all. Ask Him into your life if you never have.

If you don't know what your spiritual gifts are, here is an online test to take: Spiritual Gifts Test

Pastor Butch said your spiritual gifts aren't really for you. They are for you to use for God's glory. My strongest spiritual gift is Pastor. Not the get up and teach kind, but the cares about people a whole ton kind. It's just something inside of me. I can't help but care about others and do whatever I can to help them.

Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and influence your decisions is THE BEST way to live. God has your best interests at heart. He loves you so much. Pray about everything! Ask God for advice. Then, listen. He will speak in some way for you to hear and understand. No one is perfect at this, but it really is a great way to live.

I would love to discuss this list with anyone who wants. If you have any questions, and I can help... ask. If not, I will get help somehow. 

Let's get spiritually fit together!

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