Saturday, May 16, 2015

500th Day Sober! What An Achievement!

Today, I am writing a post about my friend Dax. (Cool name, huh?) Dax is actually a pretty cool dude all the way around. I pray that you are inspired!
Dax at Church

This is his 500th day sober! 

He started drinking when he was 18, which is something a lot of people do. But Dax kept it up for many many years.

One thing he said that I will never forget is that addiction is formed out of fear. 
"Addictions are about fear and running from what you are afraid of.",he said.

He had a lot of things he feared.

Over the years, Dax would quit for a short while, but ended up always going back to his old ways. It was all he knew. 

He has been in management positions in retail stores and restaurants... but he made the best money as a bartender. The bar scene and life is a hard one though. It was almost impossible to get away from the drugs and alcohol keeping those hours. 

On January 1st, 2014, he decided he was stopping it all. He was tired of living the way he was. Not only did he stop drinking, but he stopped smoking as well.

Dax is Irish. He is very proud of his heritage. So, he was a great celebrator of St. Patrick's Day. He thought in 2014, that maybe he would make it to St. Patrick's Day, then he would drink his green beer and just live however again.
He takes a lot of selfies.

God had a different plan. 

He started eating better and working out at the gym. Without the alcohol, he was feeling great. He lost weight and started feeling better about himself.

People started reading his Facebook posts about how many days he had been sober. They started encouraging him to continue. This encouragement means so much to him. He has people that he admires, and when they tell him he's done a great job, it makes him feel good.

Dax said, "It's not a struggle everyday. But I am still learning how to function as a sober man." 

One of the most mind blowing things to me is that Dax works part time at a liquor store. 

Yes, I said liquor store.
He posted this on Instagram.

It takes a STRONG man to do that, in my opinion. It's a really big deal. He just brushes it off like it's not..but honestly, it is.

Dax attributes his continual victory to God, his parents, his friends, and the people on social media who encourage him on a daily basis. If he has helped, inspired, or encouraged you, he feels awesome about that.

If you are battling an addiction of any kind, get help. It doesn't have to be drugs or alcohol. People can be addicted to sex, money, food, shopping..the list goes on and on. Living a free life is much better. You aren't chained down to anything. God is able to break chains of all types, if we will let Him.
One of his goofy pictures!

To know Dax is to love him. He's funny, friendly, and very much a goofball. I am thankful to have become friends with him, he inspires me towards my own goals.

Dax wants everyone to know this: 
If you put your mind to ANYTHING, you can do it!

God, family, and community is the way to get it done.

May the force be with you.


  1. Wow, what great will power! I am not sure that I could work in a liquor store. I have been sober since 1990.

    1. Congratulations to you too, then, Mike!

  2. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! THIS SPECIAL FRIEND!!! He went from pouring my many drinks to now saving my seat in church! So happy to see the changes he's allowing God to make in his life! Looking forward to seeing what's next, one day at a time!!! Grateful our paths crossed again on our recovery journeys!

    1. Hey Ryan, that means you go to church with me.. I just attend first service. Congratulations on your recovery too! God bless you!

  3. His goofy pictures always make me smile!

  4. One of the wisest, simplest and truest of truths I have ever filed away came from Dax last week, and went a little something like this: You don't fight demons. Once you are willing to look at them, the fight is over.
    Dax has always rocked. His rocking in the last 500 days has been, quite literally divine. Keep rocking my friend. (Thanks for this Jill!)

    1. It was my pleasure to share Dax's story with the world! He is an inspiration to many!