Tuesday, March 17, 2015

God Understands You

Have you ever had a time in your life when it felt like no one understood you?

I know the teenage years can be especially awkward for some. It's the time you are learning who you are yourself. The input of other people, especially negative words and actions
 can cause a lot of problems.

My Jesus Calling devotional said this today, "When no one else seems to understand you, simply draw closer to Me. Rejoice in the One who understands you completely and loves you perfectly. As I fill you with My Love, you become a reservoir of love, overflowing into the lives of other people."

God understands you.
After all, He made you.

He gave you the specific DNA you have, the gifts and talents, and the spiritual gifts in order for you to glorify Him with them all.

I know it sounds a little weird. I've heard the argument of God being selfish because He created humans just to worship Him. Honestly, I think that's not it at all. I think God wanted to create family. He wanted humans to love.

It is through us that His story is told and people come to know Him as Lord and Savior.

When I was talking to Miriam this past weekend, I told her that I had no idea how people got through life without a relationship with God. I know for a fact that I wouldn't be here today if I would not had Him to see me through. 

Life isn't easy. God isn't a crutch, a genie in a bottle, or a vending machine either. He wants a relationship with us. Where we talk to Him and He talks back. Where we worship Him with all that we have and all that we are on a daily basis.

He is the main person in your life that fully gets you.

My best friend realized the other day just how much we know each other. She was surprised when I said something that was dead on for how she feels. The only way I have gotten that close to her is by being in a relationship with her. That takes time. As well as I do know her, God knows her more and better than I do. He knows you too.

Listen, I consider myself somewhat of a nerd and little weird.
I'm ok with that.

Realize that no everyone is going to like or love you.

That's fine. It is a part of life.

However, GOD, He will ALWAYS like and love you.

No matter what.

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