Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Candles, presents, and birthday wishes

I LOVE birthdays!

I enjoy celebrating other people's birthdays because it is my way of saying, "I am glad you are a part of my life, and I am thankful you are around another year." It is a way to make them feel special, one day out of the 365 for that year.

Today is one of my close friend's birthday.

I have known her for years now. 

We met on the internet...which in 2015 isn't such a crazy thing to say..but back when we met, it was a little nuts. LOL

All I know is that she has added value to my life.

She works in ministry and works very very hard. Her work is on the front lines fighting for people's souls daily. 

She has been through a lot in her life. A LOT!

However, God had a plan for her, and now she is doing what she was meant to do. 

Her next journey involves encouraging other people. 

I want to share one of her blog posts with you. I pray that you will do what she's asking in this post. If you do, and you are my friend on Facebook, please post a picture to my wall or tag me in it... or write on my wall telling me what you did in honor of her birthday.

Birthday Blog Post

Will you please help me make this the best birthday ever for her?! 

See, I believe that God has called us to love one another. Jesus even told the disciples that people would know us by our love for each other. I realize you've never met her... heck, most of you have never met me either.

But, wouldn't God want us to live like Jesus did? I think that's the whole point in being a Christian.

So... I challenge you today! Read that blog post and do what it says... then let me know what you did.

I will do the same.

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