Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nothing Of This World Will Last

On Monday's at my work, I have to create the online video of the Pastor's message. With the machine we use, I must physically push the record button, then push it again to stop the recording process. Therefore, I watch/ listen to the message.

This week, Pastor Butch said something I wrote down:

"Nothing of this world will EVER EVER EVER last!" ~ Pastor Butch Knight

He is right, you know.

The physical things of this world, rust, die, decay, and break.

What does last are your relationships with people.

God made us to be in relationship with others. He never meant for us to attempt to live this life alone. We need family, friends and community in order to survive.

I've heard the term from Pastors, "We aren't meant to be Lone Ranger Christians." Which is true, but somewhat ironic, because actually, The Lone Ranger character wasn't alone, he had a side kick named Tonto. 

Think about your life.

Who is in your life that helps you?

Maybe they pray for you, or are just there when you need to vent.

Who can you count on?

AND, just as important... who can count on you?

I'm a firm believer that we should have someone in our life, that's ahead of us. Someone that's been where we are and can help pull us along.

On that same note, we should have someone behind us, that we are helping along. 

That's community. That's relationship. Those are the people who will be with you up in heaven when it's all said and done.

Life isn't about stuff. It's about people.

Jesus came to set an example for us. He had 12 disciples. He spoke into their lives, He ministered to them, and taught them things. He did not come down from heaven and just live alone. 

Sharing your life with people can be difficult if your personality isn't the type that is a people person. I'm telling you, it's worth it. You can allow one or two people into your life in a close relationship if you try. I pray that you will take a leap of faith and open up to this idea. Life wasn't meant to be lived alone.

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