Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How To Be Unhappy In One Easy Step

Isn't this quote true? If you are reliving your past mistakes, you will be an unhappy person.

At the risk of making you angry.. I'm going to quote the now famous song..

"Let it go... let it go...."

Your past is just that, your past.

Learn from it, and move on.

I admit, I've made the same mistakes a few times. 
I am also woman enough to admit that I was not perfect in my marriage.
But I'm not holding it against myself... because that's just silly. Nothing I could have done would have changed anyone's mind. I can't love someone more to keep them around. Another song comes to mind.."I can't make you love me, if you don't."

(Sorry for so many song references this post, it's just happening this way. LOL)

Happiness is based on circumstances anyway. True joy is what we need.

By reliving your past though, you not only mess up your happiness and joy right now, 
but you can cause yourself to be outright miserable.

God forgives our sins, pasts, and mistakes.

Why is it so hard to forgive ourselves?

So, you made a mistake. You messed up. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start over.

If God forgives you, who are you to not forgive yourself?

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