Saturday, January 17, 2015

There are 4 Kinds of Women

One of my best friends and I are doing a Beth Moore study on Esther. The latest DVD session was really good and I got several things out of it that I would like to share.

The Bible says how beautiful Esther was. And Beth said she doesn't want us to struggle with the next 3 days of homework because they are about beauty. Our society has really damaged women's self esteem. It's really sad. She said, "Beauty in our culture is something you DO. It's never enough!" 

Here are Beth's 4 types of  women:

1. Wants everyone to love her and think she's beautiful 
2. Wants all the men to think she's beautiful.
3. Doesn't want anyone to think she's beautiful.
4. Wants a few somebodies to think she's beautiful.

These type women are:

1. Miserable
2. Dangerous
3. Terrified
4. Healthy

Which number do you relate to?

I have struggled with the way I look for years. I used to always feel too much some stuff and not enough of other. I can honestly say I am a 4 right now. I think I'm pretty and just want a few somebodies to agree with me. One of my biggest fans is my 12 year old daughter. She tells me all the time how beautiful or pretty I am. It makes me feel good. She's equally or more beautiful! It's taken me YEARS to get here..but I'm here.
My daughter and I at the park in March 2014.

Just Thursday I felt pretty all day. I thought my hair looked nice and I just enjoyed how I looked.
January 2015

I text a picture to a few people and put it in a group of women that I'm in on Facebook. One of them said, "Well yeah, you feel pretty, because you are, DUH!" LOL I thought that was sweet. 

Our value doesn't come from human beings. I did not send my picture to anyone for them to tell me I'm pretty. I already felt that way. I feel good about myself and wanted to share.
Our value comes from God. He made us. He loves us unconditionally. 

If you don't love yourself... please work on that. You won't regret it! The beauty of the Lord will never leave you. Try it on!

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