Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ever Wish You Could Get Rid of Your Past?

We all have a story.

Some people wish they could forget their past. Maybe you were abused as a child, maybe you and your siblings didn't get along (if you had them), maybe a beloved family member passed away when you were younger...

Whatever the reason for you wishing you can change your past, you can't. 

And actually, you shouldn't want to.

You are who you are because of your past.

Even if it sucked.

If you take the bad and learn from it, and declare to never treat someone the way you were treated... you've done a great thing!

If you had a GREAT past... then make someone's future GREAT!

The power is inside of you.

One of the bands I like, We Came As Romans, as a song called 
"Tracing Back Roots"...the opening lyrics are
Eight years ago I committed a sin
And there were many more that followed with
Some that changed my mind
Some that broke me down
But all of them made me who I am now
All of them made me who I am now
All of them made me who I am now

God has a plan for your life. No, He did not send someone to hurt you. No, He did not want you hurt. No, He did not want you to make that stupid mistake.

But it happened.

So move forward!

You are who you are today because of it all.

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