Monday, January 19, 2015

4 Ways To Celebrate Someone Else's Accomplishments

None of us could do life alone.

It's just not possible.

We aren't meant to be alone either.

However, one thing we, as a society, struggle with, is jealousy.

I will admit to my own times of struggling with it. It was especially hard for me after I lost my twins in 1996 when I would see women with babies. I wondered why they were allowed to keep their's, but I had not been. It was rough.

The groups that I am in on Facebook are amazing! We are all doing different things in life, but it's like this giant support group! I posted this picture to them the other day:

I would like to share this with you so that you will use it in your life.

Four ways to celebrate someone else's accomplishments:

1. Take yourself out of the equation for a minute. It's not about you. Someone you know, or know of had something amazing happen. 

2. Congratulate them on their accomplishment. Make it genuine. Don't say, "Congratulations" with your teeth tight together. Mean it. Be glad for what awesome thing happened to them. If you can face to face, give them a hand shake, fist pump or a hug.

3. If you only know them online, give them an interweb high five! I just got my first one and it was cool!

4. Tell someone else about that person's accomplishment!

See, I live my life by the golden rule. I treat people the way I want to be treated. Just like I shared Blake and Brian's blogs the other day. I'm proud of what they are doing, so I shared it! Tell someone else.. "Hey look at what Sally May did, it's awesome." 

When I signed on here to write last night, my views had hit a milestone. I am SO thankful for each and every person who reads my writings. I'm just writing from my heart and never expected it to be this big. Thank you. I feel like what I say matters and that I actually help people sometimes. That makes me feel extremely good! 

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