Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Scar in You

In August of 2012, I got a tattoo.

I posted about it the night before on Facebook and was told many things... one of which is that I would be a stumbling block for people.

I was going to get "God loves you". But that night, another friend reminded me that God is different to different people... Jesus is just that, Jesus. So I went in the next morning and had the tattoo artist change it.

I thought about getting a tattoo for years. 2 years before getting mine, when I went to a friend's in Atlanta for a weekend, we put on a wet tattoo from her work. I was telling her then how was wanting a tattoo.

That same weekend, I borrowed her Bible for church.

It is such an awesome Bible. She did something I never expected her to. She mailed me the Bible as a gift!

So... the font for my tattoo, is straight out of that Bible. Swirls and all. (I totally love swirls for some reason.)

Last month, I went into the place to pay my electric bill. One of the ladies in there had a really neat tattoo on the inside of her arm.. it was little further down than mine. We chatted about our tattoos. I like showing people mine, since it says, "Jesus Loves You". I hope that a seed in planted in their hearts when they see it and that if they don't now, that one day they will know that truth in their hearts.

My Y in YOU has a scar in it. I didn't know that until she told me. I knew it was bubbled up...but I never knew it was a scar. She said, "The needle went too far in your skin."

So there is a scar in You. There is a scar in ME. I have been through many different things in life.. I have been wounded. 

Scars are ok. They simply mean that your wounds healed! 

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