Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Four Ways to Change Your Life

The new year is always a time when people make resolutions and decide that they will make changes in their lives. They let the past year go, and want to move forward into the new year doing________ better. (You fill in the blank.)

Some people are terrified of change. What they need to realize is that change is not always a bad thing.

Here are four ways to change your life:

1. Recognize that you need change: We all know that we are not perfect. We know that there is always room for improvement in different areas. But you've got to be willing to admit that.

2. Define exactly what you need to change: Do you want to lose weight? Read your Bible more? Have real relationships with people? Go to church regularly? Spend more time with your family? Write a book? Start a business? Travel more? What exactly are you wanting to change in your life? Figure it out.

3. Determine if you are doing it FOR God or WITH God: My Pastor spoke on this Sunday. If you do things FOR God, then it's not relational. It's about you striving and behavior modification. It won't last. But if you make changes WITH God... that's when you know He is right there with you. He will walk with you and be connected to whatever change you are trying to make. 

4. Take steps to make the changes you need: One major step is to tell someone what you want to change. Let them help you by holding you accountable. Then, follow through. Stick to your word and do what you said you would. You have to DO something in order to change.

Change is a good thing. Otherwise you are stagnant. Have you ever seen a stagnant pool of water? It's green and gross!

You want things flowing in and out of you! Life is about flow. 

Will you make changes? Or are you content with being stagnant?

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