Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dance To The Beat of Your OWN Drum!

Well, we had a new adventure begin this week in my family. My daughter started public school after being out for 3 1/2 years. She's right smack in the middle of the hardest part of tweenage life! 7th grade middle school! 

I have had conflicting feelings these past 6 to 8 weeks. She came to me and told me one night that she wanted to go back. She was not doing her school work at home like she should. She would goof off and just find something else to do. Not to mention that I am not here to stay on her since I had to get a job. 

Divorce brings about many changes in a family.

But that's ok...because we roll with the punches around here.

Friday morning, as I was getting ready to take her to school, I opened my box to get my necklace out. I have this thing for odd charms/ pendants. Honestly, I have this thing for a lot of odd stuff. I'm weird. (At least I admit it!)

Here are two of the things I wear a lot:

I thought about the uniqueness of these and how I haven't seen anyone else wearing them. 

Then, I heard my words about my daughter. When I would express my concerns for her returning to public school, this is what I said, "I'm not really that worried about "HER" at school. She marches to the beat of her own drum. She's a leader. She doesn't wear the most popular clothes or worry about fitting in. If someone tries to bully her, she's pretty sassy, she'll just tell them off." 

Then, it hit me.

She's a lot like me!

I do not wear whatever is "in style". I don't care if watching Narnia or Lord of the Rings makes me a nerd. I like what I like. Ya know?

In this world where everyone wants to be like someone else.... I'm proud to say that my kids and I aren't like that.

My oldest son just got this amazing rock start quality hair cut. He loves it! It's ok if you don't like it because he does, and that's all that matters.

My middle son loves his video games, his skateboard and friends. He has friends that are different from him. He is a good friend to them and doesn't care what color their skin is. 

Why waste time trying to be like everyone else? That's boring!

Be you.

The you that God created you to be. 

He gave you those talents, skills, and abilities. He made you like the stuff you like. 

Dance to the beat of your own drum! It's the best dance there is!!!

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