Saturday, December 20, 2014

Your Dream Is NOT About You

Sorry to burst your bubble that way... but it's true.

Whatever it is you're dreaming of doing, there is always a bigger picture.

The skills and things you are good at, are gifts given to You by God to use for His glory.

A lot of times, our gifts and talents are also there to help others.

My Zumba instructor and his wife are inspirations to me. Not only in their love for each other, but their love for others as well.

Reggie has been a Zumba instructor for some time. He has another job too...a "day job" if you will. He worked at other studios and does classes in a gym... but his dream was to have his own business. His wife is very passionate about it too. Her name is Barbara, so they started R&B House of Fitness.

When the timing was right, he talked to all of the people he was working for and branched out on his own. The Zumba instructors are like a family. They were totally cool with him starting his own place.

Right now, we are doing Zumba in the warehouse of an air conditioning company. It's not their own studio, but you've got to start somewhere.

They had a banner and t-shirts made a week or so ago. 
I have enjoyed watching their dream come to life.

This is why their dream isn't just about them.....

They want to help US become the best US that we can be.

Reggie encourages us while we are dancing, makes it fun, and he talks to us about life... last night one of my Zumba friends admitted that she hadn't eaten much all day. Reggie said, "Alright now, you know you can't run a car without gas." He cares about her and doesn't want her to get hurt...and he wants us to take care of ourselves.

At the end of our stretching.. Reggie gets us to hold our hands up towards the sky with them together like the praying hands, then out stretched towards the right and left, then we hug ourselves. It makes me think about God and Jesus and how much they love me.

Your dream, whatever it is, I'm sure it can't be done alone and it is not just for you.
Someone needs whatever it is you are dreaming of. 
Step out of your comfort zone and do it! 
Kathy, Barbara, Reggie and Me

The back of our shirts

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