Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's a Log Truck Life!

One night, after Zumba I ended up behind a log truck. We were going up the same ramp, so I had to get behind him.

Log trucks make me nervous. I have this fear that right there in the middle, a log is going to come off and head straight for my windshield.

The thought came to my mind, "Some people live this way."

Some people live life in fear, anticipating the worst.

I try my best to not live that way.

I am a very positive person. My friends even told me that the other night at my surprise birthday party. Karen said, "You always see the good in every thing and every body, but sometimes, it's not cool because you avoid the bad on purpose."

She's partly right. I don't like to think bad of people. I do my best to look for the best in any situation or circumstance. It's just how God made me.

Looking for, or always noticing the negative can turn you into a cynical, sad person. I don't want to be like that.

Here's the thing... being a Christian does not give you a "get out of trouble for free" card. Actually, being a Christian makes the target on your back bigger. Jesus said, "WHEN you have trouble." Not if, or you might... but when. That's ok, because the One you live for will walk you through those troubled times.

God has promised us to NEVER leave us or forsake us. People will. I've had people walk out of my life, sometimes because of my faith and relationship with God. Guess what?


God has done too much in my life for me to change my relationship with Him for any human being. 

Also, unlike humans, God keeps His promises.

Besides never leaving, He promises to turn all things around for the good of those who love Him. (Romans 8:28)

Do me a favor.. stop log truck living, alright?

It is no fun to sit and wonder and wait in fear of the next bad thing to happen.

Maybe you are just overwhelmed by your circumstances and the bad seems like it's never going to stop.

Let me be an example for you.. I promise, it does.

My life is far from perfect. But God.. Oh God...He is so good to me. 
I am blessed! And so are you!


  1. Thanks for this, Jill. When I read your headline, I had no idea what to expect from this post, but it sure got my attention. Great connection between driving behind a log truck and living in constant fear. I now have a new metaphor. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for the comment, Jennifer. I'm glad it got your attention and gave you a new metaphor! :o)

  2. I am a realist which can be confused for pessimistic. I should be more optimistic!

  3. Just calm down and relax. Trucks can seem terrifying because of their bulk, but their never ending string of uses can never be understated, much less their very tangible contribution in alleviating certain human burdens, such as in the transfer of heavy objects and equipment. Anyway, thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Kelly Hunt @ Triad Freightliner