Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Two Most Valuable Things You Have

A few weeks ago two of my friends got married. If you read my blog in September, I had two weddings I was helping with. One of those couples said their own vows and I was just blown away.

Barbara and Reggie met through Zumba. Zumba has become a way of exercising that I love too. It is the only thing I enjoy and I've actually seen results from. Reggie is a Zumba instructor. Barbara said she knew when she met him that he was going to change her life, but she had no idea just how much.

In his vows, Reggie said this and it really moved me. "I promise to give you to the two most valuable things I have. My time and my patience."

I have written before about how time is the most valuable thing we have because we can never get it back. Any time you spend with someone, whether it's on the phone, through email, texting, or face to face, you are showing that person that they are valuable to your life. 

Ecclesiates 3: 1-8 talks about how there is a time for everything and ever purpose under heaven. (There is even a neat song about this Scripture from the 1970's.)

Patience, wow that's HUGE! I know it is something I struggle with sometimes. I think it's amazing that he realizes she deserves patience. We should try to be patient with everyone. After all, isn't God patient with us?

Reggie is funny!

Reggie can be a rough Zumba instructor, but he cuts up, he cares, and most of all he loves Barbara and she loves him. I have never seen a couple like them before. I was honored to spend time with them shopping for their wedding, decorating for it, and directing it. 

It's my prayer that we all apply this to our lives. Give people your love, time, and be patient with them.

Sometimes, that's all they need. 

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