Friday, November 7, 2014

Are You A Stalker?

Last Sunday, one of my favorite writer/speakers/worship leaders was back visiting my church. Carlos Whittaker. (If you have not read his book Moment Maker yet, please do. It's a great book.) Shameless plug. LOL

He said something I will never forget...

"When you study someone and follow them at a distance, we call them stalkers. How many of us are stalking Jesus? We are stalking Him instead of going right up to Him, beside Him, and following Him."

He is so right!

We don't take the time to follow Jesus. We don't read our Bibles or any devotional books, we don't pray much, we don't attend church, we call ourselves Christians, we believe, but it stops right there.

There is more to it than that.

It's about being SOLD OUT to God. It's about letting HIM lead our lives.

Listen, I understand how hard it is to let God have every part of you. Believe it or not, there is an area of my life that I struggle with. I know God has a plan, but I keep getting in His way. I have to stop that. He knows what is best for me, and honestly, sometimes, I don't.

One thing I do is what I call follow sunsets.. I can't help myself sometimes. If I see a beautiful sunset, I have to get a picture. 

Here is a progression of one:

My point is this... Jesus is beautiful and wants us to follow Him, just like I followed this sunset. Not stalk Him.

Are you stalking Jesus?

Or are you following Him?

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