Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Missing Puzzle Piece

Last night at church, Mrs. Laural said something so awesome I had to write it down. I feel like someone needs this. I think "I" needed it!

"If God's called you and it's been confirmed, don't give up! Keep listening and praying. The missing piece of the puzzle will fall into place."

I enjoy putting puzzles together. I worked on this one either last year or earlier this year. I can't remember. You would think 550 pieces would be easy, but it was actually a lot of pieces and it was pretty large. 

Each piece has to fit with the pieces around it. You can not force any of them to fit together. If it doesn't fit, it just doesn't fit.

Mrs. Laural's statement is so true. A lot of times we feel called to do something, but we give up too easily. Now, there are times when the timing is not right. I will fully attest to that. It has happened in my life several times!

My biggest example of being called to do something and the pieces falling into place is about home schooling my children. I never in a million years wanted to home school. It was just not anything I felt qualified for. God laid it on my heart. I was surprised. I prayed about it. When I asked my now ex husband, he said no. BUT... I had learned a lesson on that years before when I wanted to adopt and he said no and I gave up. This time, I did not give up. The feeling did not go away for me either. At some point, he had a change of heart, and said, "Ok, let's home school." So, that's what we did.

Had I given up, I think my kids would have struggled even more being in public school with their dad leaving like he did. God always knows what's going to happen ahead of time. I think He brought the kids home, mostly for that reason. 

Is there something you've been called to do? Has it been confirmed by Scripture, through prayer, and talking with other Christians? 

Then, why haven't you done it?

Do not let the enemy hold you back any longer!

Now is the best time to step into your calling and find that missing piece of the puzzle!

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