Saturday, November 15, 2014

Keep Moving Forward!

Yesterday, on my way to Zumba, I saw something in the middle of the road in the other lane. I noticed the truck next to me stopping, so I stopped too. Someone must have been moving. He was in the middle turning lane with a truck and trailer. 

There was a bag of clothes in the middle of the lane.

I stopped because it would keep the cars in my lane from zooming past this guy picking up what had fallen off his trailer.

My first thought was, "There are still nice people in the world." 
(Since the truck next to me stopped.)

Then, I saw how the man picking up the clothes looked. He was ashamed.

I was thinking... don't we do that too?

We mess up, make a mistake, sometimes on our own, other times on accident... but nevertheless, we do something we shouldn't....

And God.

Wow God.

He stops.

He gives us direction, He watches up pick up the mess and move forward.

I just experienced this last night myself.

After making mistakes and getting off track, a sweet friend from church spent 3 hours with me figuring out how to fix those mistakes and move forward.

God loves us, even when we mess up!

We have been singing a worship song that has an old Hymn mixed in... it just came to my mind, "I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back. The cross before me, the world behind me, no turning back, no turning back."

Don't turn back!

Keep moving forward.... 

Stop looking behind you!


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