Sunday, November 16, 2014

Doing What We're Told

3 Bathroom hooks
Yesterday, I went in my kids' bathroom. I noticed a towel on the floor.

I picked it up, and it was still damp from where my son had taken a shower.

Getting angry, I picked it up, and hung on it this hook. 

See the three hooks? I put them up so all three children would hang their towels after they shower. It prevents mildew and stuff.

As I picked it up, I thought, "I don't know how many times I have told them to put their towels on these hooks."

God spoke to my heart, "How many times have I asked you to do something that you didn't do?"


He was right though.

How many times had He told me to do something and I ignored Him?

Years ago, when I worked at a different church, I saw a lady from church out shopping one Friday. When I left the store, I thought that I should have asked if she wanted to go to lunch. From almost that moment on, I kept hearing in my heart, "Call and invite her to lunch." This went on for days!

I was still disobedient to a point because I emailed and invited her to lunch, 
but I finally asked.
She told me something from her past. She just needed to know that it was alright. I assured her that it was. That was all. I'm not sure why God wanted me to be the one to tell her that. I was happy to do it though.

 Now, I try really hard to do what He says. No if's, and's, or but's about it.

I think it's wise to do what He tells us to do. After all, He will never tell us to do something that will harm us. And, He is telling us to do something for a reason. A reason that we might not ever know. We should obey anyway. 
Mainly because we never know what His plans are.

How do you hear from Him?
Do you do what He tells you to right away?

Why or why not?

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