Monday, November 17, 2014

Actions Are Powerful!

Well, I just can't even hold my excitement in! God was on a blessing role with me yesterday!! God is a God of action. Not just words.

I have been having some finance issues. I am taking steps and doing what I need to in order to get it under control. God knows my heart and knows my mistakes.

And yet... He blessed me anyway! Saturday, I got a call to paint a canvas.

Sunday, someone at my church anonymously gave me cash in an envelope! I was floored!

On top of that, I got home from church, logged in to Facebook to praise Him for this blessing and had a message from a high school friend who wants to take me to lunch, to celebrate our birthdays next month, her treat!

THEN... in a group I'm in on Facebook, the 30 Days of Hustle.... a lady posted about a movie she is helping promote. All of the people working on it are professionals. It seems like a great story. I told her I would be glad to write on here about it and help promote it since some of you readers are over seas.

She offered me an interview with the screen writer of the movie!! 

You see... here is the thing. Words do have some power. I think we all know that. But actions are more powerful and louder than words. Because, words can be lies. Words can be deceiving. Actions usually can not. It's true that you might not know someone's motives, but their actions speak volumes!

God has given us His Word, the Bible, and then He shows up in actions! 

I honestly can't explain how I feel right now. I know one thing, without a doubt, because of God's actions, that He loves me unconditionally. "He knows my every need, He sees my poverty, and He is enough for me!!!!" (That's a lyric from a worship song we sing.)

I challenge you... watch God move in your life. Watch His actions. He actually keeps His promises!

God bless you all today!!

Tell me about something you've been blessed with recently! I want to hear about it!!

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