Friday, August 15, 2014

Real Life

I have still been listening to my Silers Bald CD this week. I just can not get enough of it. Their song "Real Life" is such a unique worship song to me. Here are some of the lyrics:

"Let's put away the fear, and step right through this skin  so thick, it's kept me right here.

I wanna live, I wanna breath the air and touch the sky, I wanna live, I wanna fly high

I wanna live, I wanna be so free so catch me breathless with REAL LIFE!" 

Do you want be breathless with REAL LIFE? I know I do. This fake stuff is for the birds. I want to experience life and life to the fullest.

I want what God wants for me and my loved ones. I know that He knows what is best. I trust Him. Trying to live on your own will only make you miserable.

Life with God is not a cake walk. No one ever said that being a Christian was easy. But goodness, it's so much better than the alternative!

Real life is loving people and loving God. It's stopping to pay attention to something beautiful. It's stopping to help someone else. It's stopping to pray for someone. It's not sitting there going through the motions and just getting by.

We aren't here just to pay bills and wait for heaven. We can have heaven on earth! 

Maybe it's time for you to slow down and enjoy life? I know I am!

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