Thursday, August 14, 2014

God is in the clouds!

I am a planning type person. I have administrative gifts, as well as I am a wedding planner... so I really enjoy knowing what's about to happen if at all possible.

One part of my life that is very spontaneous is when I see something I want to get a picture of. I just can not help myself. I have to stop for a picture...or put my phone out of the window while driving! (LOL, yeah, I've done it.)

Last week, Mrs. Laurel that teaches at my church on Wednesday nights, said something that was just profound to me. When God lead the Israelites out of Egypt, He promised to always be with them. He guided them with a cloud during the day and a pillar of fire by night. Mrs. Laurel said, "So, God is in the clouds." I was like, "WOAH! Maybe that's why I like clouds so much."

Take some time today to look for God. Do you see Him in the clouds? Maybe it's a beautiful flower in your yard... maybe He is in a child's face that you love. Look for Him. Then thank Him for what He has done. 

I recently found an old CD of a band that I booked for a concert once. They are called "Silers Bald", (which is a mountain ridge in South Carolina).  I love their music.
 My Heart Will Sing By Silers Bald PLEASE listen to this song!

The lyrics say, "My lips can not describe You, but my heart will sing, my mind can not define You, but my heart will sing, sing of Your grace." 

This is how I feel when I see these beautiful images... I hope you enjoy these pictures from this week that I took.

Last night, 8/13/14
This morning! 8/14/14
Tuesday 8/12/14
Monday 8/11/14
See the rainbow?

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