Saturday, August 16, 2014

Why can't we be like them?

My Pastor is still teaching on our identity. Last Sunday's message, of course, was really good. I just haven't written about it yet this week. The early Christian's had the right idea. We seem to struggle with our identity, but they did not. We need to try to be more like them. 

Here are three things that characterized early Christians:

1. There was only one kind of sin, the kind that God forgave because of Christ. There is no sin greater than the only. No matter what kind of disruption you caused, it is forgiven!

2. They were not identified as sinners, but as brothers and sisters. Their id was not wrapped up in what they were saved FROM, but what they were saved FOR. We are saints that are saved by grace. Our true self is found in who we are in Christ.

3. They were taught about who they were in Christ. Paul reminded people to stop things, because it was not who they were. He wrote letters to the early Churches to remind them of who they really are. 

When you focus on something, that is what you live out of! If you focus on sin and what's wrong with you, that's what you live out of. So, focus on Christ! Live out of that!

Remind yourself of who you are by looking at the Bible.

To combat the world, our flesh and satan, understand these 3 things:

1. We were created in God's image & likeness. Out of the LOVE that He has for us.

2. Honest truth about how we all sin: own up to the reality that we have fallen short and make amends for how we wronged God and others.

3. Continual thinking that the reality is it has all been taken care of through Christ's death and resurrection. Forgive yourself and others like God forgives.

When God looks at you, He looks through the lens of the cross and He does not see the sin.
Live free, new and set apart from your old life! Live out of the reality of love, grace, & mercy.

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