Thursday, July 3, 2014

Moment Maker Part 3

The next moment I am going to talk about is, the received moments. This is we are the one who benefits from the moment. Carlos was on the receiving end of my created moment when I gave him his hat. 

We miss seeing Jesus sometimes because He is right there with us and we don't see Him. When we take our eyes off of "things", and pay attention, we will have moments.

When receiving a moment, we must realize what's happening. We could easily miss a moment. We walk by them every day. We also let things keep us from true intimacy with Christ. We take our eyes off of Jesus and look at our circumstances. We must look up!

Take time every day to be aware of moments from God. They might be big or small. They are there. Pay attention this week and comment, email me or something. I would love to hear about your received moments.

I had a moment this week. It did not include another person. God was really dealing with my heart and some things I had done. Monday, on my lunch break, I went to my car and cried for about 15 minutes. I was somewhat in the fetal position. Suddenly, I felt like my car seat was God's hand. He was holding me in the palm of His hand and letting me get it all out. I had hurt Him and He was hearing my tears and my prayers of forgiveness.
I received a blessing from that moment. 

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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