Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Moment Maker Part 2

I am going to take a few days and break down Carlos' message so that we can fully grasp the concept of what he is teaching.

Today's moments will be the ones we create. Carlos says that Jesus was the ultimate Moment Maker! I believe he is right.

In Luke 24, these two dudes are walking from Jerusalem to a town called Emmaus. Jesus, who had died and already rose again, began walking with them. Somehow, He did not let them know who He was. He asked what was going on. They were like "Are you the only person in Jerusalem who doesn't know what just went down?" They told Jesus all about Himself. Then, to finish off this moment, Jesus was going to continue walking. The men insisted that He came eat dinner with them. When He sat down with them, broke the bread, and gave thanks, He was revealed to them.. then He just disappeared. Jesus set up that entire moment. He CREATED it. It was special, just for those two men.

I created a moment on Sunday. I know that Carlos likes big bill caps. I wanted to buy him one. So I did and had it stitched. He goes by "loswhit" on Twitter, Instagram, etc. So I had that and my church name put on it. I had given it to our youth pastor's wife and was going to let her give it to him. After I heard his message, I decided to create a moment for myself! I gave it to him. And this is what he posted about it on facebook:
"If love is in the details...then I'm a loved man. A Facebook follower from Providence Church had the very first LOSWHIT flat bill made. #MomentMaker"

This totally made my day!!! I created a special moment between me and one of my mentors. 

Created moments are the ones we are in charge of and can be used to show people Jesus. I guess Carlos' take on it was that I loved him like Jesus does since I did something for him that was unexpected. (Also, I did not expect anything in return.) Jesus does that for us all of the time, doesn't He? 

Be careful though, not every moment we see needs to be RE-created. Pay attention and watch for when you can create a moment! You will be glad you did!

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