Tuesday, May 6, 2014

When God doesn't make sense!

My Pastor's definition of faith is this: "Assumable trustworthiness." Faith is remaining hopeful long after something you were promised should have happened.

He talked about Abraham on Sunday. When God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, Abraham did not understand, but was willing to do it because he trusted God. 

When I felt like God told me to home school my children, I laughed at first. It did not make sense to me. I had always said those typical answers, "I'm not smart enough." "I am not organized enough." I felt this tug on my heart to take them out of public school, and I prayed a long time about it. The feeling never went away. So, by faith, I pulled my children out of public school to home school. 

Last week, I gave you my Pastor's message on finding your calling. How do you cultivate that calling?

1. Faith is developed through resistance. You have to have faith when God calls you to do something. And whatever He calls you to do will be bigger than you!

2.Faith is built when it's moved into action. You can't sit there and just hope something will happen. Start moving and God will meet you. He doesn't always show or tell us the full story, we couldn't handle it.

God isn't looking for us to be successful. He is looking for us to be faithful. Even when He asks or tells us to do something that does not make sense. 

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