Friday, May 2, 2014

Are you a negative person? If so, STOP!

I realize that life does not always work out like we think it should. Our dreams can get shattered, bad things happen to good people, etc. But being negative does not help anything. Especially if you are so negative that you are squashing other people's hopes and dreams.

You should also be careful not to do this to yourself! I know I struggle with negative self talk sometimes. The battle really is in our minds, you know?

You can develop and maintain a positive attitude by trying these three things:

1. Define your environment. We are either a thermostat or thermometer.  Gauge the temperature of the room. If there are negative people, leave. Some negative people gave up on their own dreams, that's why they don't like to see others succeed.

2. Guard your mind. Philippians 4:8 says for us to think on GOOD things. True, noble, and right things will help you stay positive. Focus on God, keep your eyes on Him. If He has called you to do something, He will help you. He will never leave you.

3. Watch your words. Encourage others and let them encourage you. Words are so powerful. Proverbs 18:21 says there is life and death in the tongue. You can lift someone up with your words or tear them down. We are called to lift others up. In California, one small cigarette burned over 100,000 acres of land. Homes, businesses, and people's lives were destroyed. One small negative word from someone can do the same.

Being a Christian does not give a "Never have any problems, your life will all be rainbows and candy." However, being a Christian does give you a loving Heavenly Father who is always here for you. It also can give you a church family and a place to call home if you open your heart and let people in. Just be careful. Dial out the negative people in your life. Do not give them as much influence over you. 

Be positive in any and all situation. Look for the good. There is some there. Even if it's small. I just read a blog post about a woman who lost her two sons and home, in the tornadoes in Arkansas on Sunday. She is in the hospital with broken legs and has lost so much, but she is positive. She is not letting the negative of her situation bring her down. She said that her boys had fulfilled their purpose here on earth, that's why they got to go to heaven already. WOW! That's a positive way to look at a terrible, horrible, awful situation!

So what about you? Will you stop being negative and look for the good? Please do!

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  1. I think that sometimes we forget that we have to give an account for what we say. Maya Angelou said that words are things and they attach themselves and sometimes what comes out can't be taken back... As a man thinketh..... So if you're negative then.......BUT positive.... YESSSSS