Thursday, May 8, 2014

From my heart, to parents

I have only been a parent now for 16 1/2 years. I would consider myself to be a decent mom. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But I do try. I try very hard. 

This new season in my life of being a single mom is challenging. 

I think children need a parent, not a friend. Well, maybe at 40, it is ok for my mom to be my friend.... but when we are younger, we need parents.

I believe in the 5 Love Languages. Sure, it could be a "fad" or whatever, but if you read the book you realize there is truth to it. 
Those languages are:

1. Words of affirmation
2. Quality Time
3. Receiving gifts
4. Acts of service
5. Physical touch

Everyone feels love differently. Therefore, everyone HEARS that love differently. Even children.

My three children are all different. My oldest, Blake, I think words of affirmation make him feel loved. He writes too, and when I read what he wrote and tell him how awesome it is, that makes him feel loved. My middle son, Andrew, needs quality time. He wants to tell you all about the Xbox gaming guys he follows and what they are up to. My daughter, Julie, needs physical touch. She will walk up to you with her arms open for a hug. 

Usually, we do the language that we feel love from. Therefore, some people in our life might not get it because they don't hear love the same way we do.

If your children are old enough, there is an online test they can take at  5 Love Languages website. This author, Gary Chapman, even has books on children and teenagers you can read. If your child or children are younger, just pay attention to what they do. Do they hug you a lot and tell you they love you? Do they like to sit and talk to you a lot? You can figure out their love language and start doing what they need to feel loved.

Our children need food and a roof over their head, but they need to feel loved too. 
Do whatever it takes! This world is so against our kids. It wants them to use drugs, live carelessly and kill themselves. That's not God's plan. Feeling loved and cared about is a great way to help them stay on track in life. I am so very thankful for my children. They are a blessing to me.

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