Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is bitterness sucking the life out of you?

Being a Christian does not mean life will be perfect for you. If anything, it actually can cause you more trouble. See, if you aren't a Christ follower, our enemy does not really need to bother you. He has you where he wants you. If you are a Christ follower, he can not have your soul, but he will do everything he can to keep your relationship with God on the fritz. (By that I mean, keep you from praying, keep you from attending church, etc.)

One thing he uses is bitterness. Things happen to us that we do not deserve. Yes, we do cause some problems, but there really are times when it was not our fault at all. And yet, the bad thing happened to us anyway.

That can cause you to really hate the person who hurt you. At first you are just shocked and totally devastated. Later it festers and becomes bitterness. 

Guess what bitterness can do? Block you from God. There is a great book out there called "The Bait of Satan" by John Bevere if you'd like to read it.

Someone I know has had bitterness for an ex spouse. There has been anger and hurt for years. Church attendance hasn't happened for this person in many years either. I jumped for joy when I was told that they've been to church the past three weeks. "A break through.", I thought. But the next comment REALLY excited me. "I've been praying for my ex." WOW!!!

That is when you know you are getting bitterness out of your heart. When you can pray for the person who hurt you. 

This is not about forgiveness. You can actually feel like you've forgiven someone and moved on. Of course, forgiveness is vital! However, sometimes you have to continue forgiving. Sometimes it takes years to really get over a serious blow to your heart. 

Protect yourself. Do not let bitterness sneak up on you. It really can. You just think you are angry, then one day years later, you realize just how much you literally can not stand a person, even the thought of that person. That's bitterness. GET IT OUT of your heart. You will be thankful that you did! 

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