Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Last night, as I was turning on to my street to come home, I noticed one of my neighbor's already has their big trash can out by the road.

To some, this might not mean much. 

They changed our pick up day from Tuesday mornings, to Monday mornings.

Most of us put the can out there at some point on Sunday.

I do not know those neighbors very well. I tried to be nice and get to know them when they first moved in, but I don't know... just never stayed friends. I believe they attend church. A very traditional one that is very fundamental in some of it's beliefs.

So, their trash can being out on Saturday night made me wonder... "Are they not wanting to "work" on Sunday?"

God made the world in 6 days, and on the 7th day He rested. In Exodus 20:8 it says, "“Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy."

Sabbath, is a day of rest. The Jewish people do not "work" on the Sabbath, and they have a ton of crazy rules, like they can only walk so far on the Sabbath, then they can sit and wait a little while, then get up and walk more. 

The real Sabbath isn't Sunday anyway.

If God has called the millions of Preachers in this world to spread His message of Good News, do you think He punishes them because they "work" on Sunday? (I used to work at a church, and believe me, Sunday is a work day for church staff.) Let me answer for you... NO!

We all need a day of rest. We live in a fast paced busy world. But if you take your trash can to the road on Sunday for an early morning Monday pick up, God is ok with that. Guess what? If you work retail and you actually WORK on Sunday, God is ok with that too. 

He loves us, He instructed us to rest because we need it. Not because He is some rule maker that is just waiting for us to fail so He can strike us down with lightening. He is not like that at all!

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