Saturday, November 9, 2013

Best Friends

I am writing this morning with a house full of teenagers. I have three of my own. (Well, my daughter is 11, but she acts like she's 14.) This happens often where everyone is here. I am thankful they enjoy it here and that I can minister to them. My children have picked some really good kids to be best friends with.

My oldest son has 3 best friends. So there are four of them hanging out. They do normal teenage stuff, play the Xbox, talk about girls, text people, etc. But they have had times where they talk about God and listen to worship music together. That just blows me away. They are 16 and 17 years old. When I was there age, I wasn't even attending church.

My middle son has 2 best friends. He enjoys hanging out with them and really likes talking to their dad's. They are really good dads for him to be influenced by. They play Xbox, go fishing, have Nerf wars and air soft wars. It's fun for him. 

Then, my daughter, who is very introverted, has 2 best friends. She stays in her room a lot. (That's what introverts do, I guess.) When her friends are here, I love hearing the laughter coming from behind her door. It's music to my ears. They goof off and have fun together.

I have 4 best friends myself. A few of them I talk to every day. They know I'm always here and I know they are always there for me. It amazes me that my best friends all have time for me, with how busy everyone is.

In the Bible, Jesus was very close and good friends with Mary, Martha and Lazarus. They were brother and sisters. The shortest verse in the Bible has to do with them. 

Jesus got word that Lazarus was sick. He didn't leave right away. By the time he got back to their town, Lazarus had been dead for several days. Mary and Martha knew that if He would have gotten there earlier, their brother would still be alive. The sorrow they felt moved Jesus to tears and John 11: 35 simply says, "Jesus wept." He knew He was about to raise Lazarus from the dead, but He was sad because His friends were sad.

Cherish your friends. Be there for them. Thank God for them. Pray every day for them. We need our friends to get through this life sometimes.

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