Saturday, July 13, 2013

What's your dream job?

If you could do the one thing you are passionate about and make money doing it,
what would it be?
For me, I've always wanted to write. It's been my dream for as long as I can remember.
I used to draw in high school, and I remember one of my pictures being picked to go to the state level. State competition was in Athens, GA at University of GA. I was super excited! The most memorable thing for me was getting to see the journalism class rooms there.
They make their own paper! It was cool.
In college, I went for a Journalism degree. We didn't have a teacher at first, then we got a teacher. He stayed for a while, we had a school newspaper, and I was living it up. Until he told us he had to leave because it was only a part time job. I just stopped going to school because I could never get a degree without the core class I needed.
And that's all I wanted to do.
As you can see, I'm not much for writing news anyway. I like this type of stuff. Writing has always just come natural to me. I can express myself easier when I write it down. I usually don't have to plan anything either... it just flows.
So, how about this? Will you help me with my dream career?
I need blog followers!
I need to be noticed before any publisher will look at me.
On my blogger dashboard, I can see that people in Russia and Turkey are reading my blog. (That's totally awesome to me! Hello people of Russia and Turkey!)
Will you all do me a favor and subscribe?
I'd greatly appreciate it!

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  1. God has blessed me with artist talent and my dream job. I must design logos or signs that create a quality image of my clients, promote their products and services, draws customers to their business and that sends this message effectively. You must be passionate about your work and I urge you and others to seek God's will as you go after your dream. God meant for us to be fulfilled and satisfied with our life's work. But I must admit that it is easy to let this passion get my priorities out of order. I must seek God to keep my priorities in correct order.
    Praying for God's direction as you seek to fulfill your dreams.
    How about the rest of you out there...what are you doing that you are passionate about??