Wednesday, July 24, 2013

God's love reigns? Or rains?

Here in South Georgia, we've had a VERY rainy summer. It's been weird. Usually, it's just boiling hot... and we are in a drought. At this point, we are coming out of the drought, and thankfully, we aren't flooding.

There is a song I love called Te Amo by Israel Houghton. I saw him last October at the conference I attend called Catalyst Conference. I loved the song so much I bought the CD. Te Amo is Spanish for "I love you." This is a worship song where we sing to God how much we love Him.

On the CD version of this song, there is a rap by T Bone, a Christian rapper. His part says this:
Your love is out outta this world
Its extraterrestial
like a thief como ladron
You stole my heart corazon

your love is so magnetic
it keeps pulling me closer in
y tu son mi todo padre
you are my everything
al fin encontre lo que buscaba
cuando tenia nada
mi alma estava tan vacia but now
I finally found what I was missing
every christian thats listening
can reminisce to what im talking about
its a love that I can't contain
something that you just can't explain
can't hold back and I cant refrain
'cause God your love its like pouring rain

Because we've had so much rain, I started thinking about it this morning. If we think of the rain as God's love that's pouring down on us. Doesn't that just make it a little easier to handle? It does for me.


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