Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the LORD will be greatly praised." Proverbs 31:30 NLT

Along with writing Scripture every day, I have still be doing this one study where we SOAP Scripture. I have been really excited about this one because it's Proverbs and I LOVE Proverbs!
Just in case you don't know or remember from my old posts, SOAP means:
S= write the Scripture
O= observe the Scripture
A= apply the Scripture to your life
P= pray the Scripture
So, the Scripture above was the one I had to SOAP. On the apply part, this is what I wrote, 
"My relationship with God is the most important part of who I am."
Can I just tell you this? I apologize if I sound prideful, I promise I'm not.. but if someone doesn't want to be my friend, hang around me even if they are family, or date me because of my relationship with God... that's ok.
It literally is the most important part of who I am.
I am also a daughter, a mother, an granddaughter, an Aunt, a cousin, and a friend. But my identity, who I REALLY am is rooted in Christ.
Why? Because He loves me, He provided the Salvation I needed, and He has never left me.
I want to encourage you today... because I think someone needs to read this. Maybe you are struggling with trying to please other people. I used to as well. It's easy to do. Especially if you are longing for relationships or wanting approval.
Guess what? You already have someone's approval! God's! And, He loves you more than any human being on this planet ever could. (Even your parents.)
My value comes from Him. If someone doesn't like me, that's ok. Because God always does.
I drive our the van to pick up some guys from a rehabilitation place each Sunday so they can attend church with us. This past week we had 3 first time guys go with us. While I have them in the van and they can't get away, I give them my heart felt cry.
"If you want to overcome your addiction, fully surrendering your life to God is the way to do it. I've been around this place for almost two years now, and I've seen guys go right back to their old ways. When life gets hard, they return to what they used to comfort them before. Don't do that. Let God heal you and turn to Him when you need to."
That's my heart cry for you too. The BEST thing I EVER did was fully surrender my life, heart, and will to God. 
Is my life perfect? NOPE! But it's in the hands of my perfect Father who knows exactly what He's doing. 
Will you join me? If you aren't living for Him, will do you so today? Just talk to Him. Tell Him that you believe in what He did for you and you want to live for Him today and always.
If you are struggling, give it to God. Fully surrender your heart and every area of you life to Him. You can't separate your walk with Christ from the rest of your life. You have to be sold out and fully bought in to it. It's a WHOLE life transformation. Not just a part of it.
If you need prayer... I'm always here! I love praying for people.
God bless you today and always.

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