Saturday, December 5, 2015

Learning Lessons

 Well, I have entered another new phase in life. Teaching my second son how to drive. Lord help me! LOL

Have you ever taught someone how to drive? It is a scary thing for me, for two reasons: 1. I'm not in control, 2. I am afraid of getting motion sickness or in a wreck.

My son is 16 already. He waited to get his learner's permit. It's called that, because you have to take a year to learn how to drive. A licensed, experienced driver must be in the car so they can help the learner's permit driver. My son thinks he knows everything about driving. He isn't being teachable behind the wheel. That's dangerous! If he won't listen to me, we could end up getting hurt or hurting someone else.

Last night, I drove out to my best friend's house for pizza and a movie. I turned off the radio to pray both there and back. On my trip home, I felt like God spoke to my heart about the lessons we learn from, and He used this season of teaching my son how to drive as an illustration.

Basically, what I felt like He was saying is that we humans have lessons He wants us to learn. However, most of the time we miss them because we are trying to have control, and we aren't teachable. 

I do not believe that God causes bad things to happen to us. But I do believe He will use the bad to teach us a lesson. There are lessons to be learned in the good stuff too. I will never forget the lesson I learned in 1996 when I lost my twins. I learned that God was there, that He loves me, and that His peace really is amazing.

I have also learned over the years that leaders are learners. We must always be reading, growing, and listening in order to grow.

I think the main One we need to listen to first, is God. He has provided us His Word to learn from. It's there to teach us how to live... and to point the world to Jesus. Jesus lived in such a way that if we follow Him and learn from His lessons, we will be doing great!

Over this past year, I have learned to rely on God. I have learned to put Him first in my life, before anyone else. I have been thankful, which has been my word all year. I've had hard times, but I am teachable. I'm willing to make changes in order to be the best me for God. I want nothing more than to honor and glorify Him with my life.

What lessons have you learned? Maybe you are in the middle of one right now. If you need prayer, please ask. I will be honored to pray for you.

God bless you today and always.

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