Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Daily Prayers

I am still reading "The Battle Plan for Prayer" by the Kendrick brothers. I am learning a lot about prayer! They have a prayer at the end of each section. I've been writing them down in my prayer notebook.

I organized them so that there is one to pray each day, but there are a few that are so good, I made them daily prayers. I just wanted to share them with you today. I hope you enjoy them enough to make them something you pray every day too.

Our relationship with God grows through prayer. It's how we talk to Him. Even if we are praying what someone else wrote, or praying Scripture. Both are ok!

How: The Locks of Prayer
"Lord, reveal to me anything that is hindering my prayer life, and help me rid of it quickly. If there is any arrogance in me, pretense, manipulation, bitterness, ruthlessness, or a lack of faith in You, forgive and cleanse me, Lord. I forgive those who have wronged me as You have forgiven me. I thank You for Your kindness and patience. I'm tired of being the one who's blocking myself from being as close to You as possible and receiving what You desire to give me. Unhinge me, I pray, from any lacks of prayer. Open me up so You can work without hinderance through me. In Jesus name, amen."

How: The Postures of Prayer
"Lord, take all of me - my hands, my eyes, my feet, my voice. Use all of these gits You've given me so they return to You as clear expressions of my worship, love, devotion, and submission. I so easily lose sight of You, going through the motions of religion. Lord, turn even my posture of prayer into a means of steadying my wandering mind and opening my ears to hear Your voice. In Jesus name, amen."

When: Spontaneous Prayer
"Heavenly Father, I do want prayer to be my first response to every situation that occurs in my life. Instead of worrying, instead of complaining, instead of taking credit, instead of celebrating without You, teach me to come to You before going anywhere or to anyone else. What a comfort to know I can never be in a place that You're not already there to hear me and help me. I intend to be in that place more often myself. In Jesus name, amen."

When: Scheduled Prayer
"Lord, when I look at my average day, I see a lot of things that I never consider not doing or making time for. Each day. Every day. And yet, prayer - why can I so easily decide not to block on a set time for something so essential? Help me not continue to make this mistake. Thank You for always being here, ready to communicate with me. I commit, Lord, to being there to communicate with You. In Jesus name, amen."

I believe these prayers can help us grow closer to God. We have so many things that try to keep us from praying to Him. That's what I like about these specific ones. They fight against anything blocking our prayers as well as help us learn to go to God first, which is something He's really been teaching me lately.

It is especially helpful if you aren't sure what to pray. I am learning so much and hope to show you all. I'm really excited to lead a small group on this book in February as well.

Let me know if these helped you at all. I'd love to hear from you.

God bless you today and always.

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