Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Prayer vs Dreams

We all have hopes and dreams. Some of us have things from our childhood that we are still dreaming about. Maybe you wanted to be a famous rock star one day, or a super model. There was a time where we day dreamed about becoming something that we weren't. 

Heck, every once in a while, I still day dream about what I'd like in life. What I am learning about recently is the difference between dreams and praying.

For example, let's say I want "the man of my dreams." That can mean a lot of things. Probably mostly with how he looks.; not really even so much about his personality.

The game changer is praying for the man GOD wants me to have. Now, let me say this. God knows my heart. So He knows the characteristics I would like in this man. However, this is me wanting God's will, not Jill's. Do you see the difference?

In "The Battle Plan for Prayer" book, the Kendrick brothers define prayer as this:

Prayer is communion with God in order to...

1. Intimately know, love, and worship Him.

2. Understand and conform our lives to His will and ways.

3. Access and advance His kingdom, power, and glory.

When we pray, we are in God's presence. It's not just giving Him your list of what you'd like Him to do. You are in a conversation with the Creator of the Universe!

Also, all that we pray for, should be for His glory. If we want His will and His glory to be honored in our lives, we will be changed!

Letting Him transform your life is an amazing thing. I feel as if this past year as been just that for me. A year of growth and transformation. My word for 2015 is Thankful and even now, towards the end of the year, I find myself more thankful than ever.

Will you let go of your dreams to pray for God's will? He has a plan for your life. It's a plan to prosper you and not harm you. I'm not saying fully give up your dream, or stop working towards your dream. (Because one of mine is to be a New York Times best selling author. I'm working towards that goal by getting ready to publish my first book.) But give it to Him and let Him do something with it. That's when things will really start happening.

The prayer at the end of this Chapter in the book is so awesome. I'm going to end my post with it. God bless you today and always!

"Father, help me never again forget that I am in Your awesome presence when I pray. Help me not enter into it as duty or a mindless activity, the mere repeating of tired words. But help me come with worship, with love, and with a true desire to experience You personally. Help me abandon my own agendas and self-assurances, wanting to be nowhere else except directly aligned with Your will. And may Your kingdom flow right through this heart and home of mine, taking me wherever You want me to go. In Jesus name, amen."

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